What’s the pain? Guide to non-prescription pain relief

Often, wrongly, it is treated like a temperature that will pass after healing. Pain, however, should be treated as an illness in itself and effectively treated!

There are many non-prescription painkillers on the market. However, it should be remembered that there are no drugs indifferent to health, it is said that only the dose distinguishes the medicine from the poison. The drug does not work only in the place of pain, along with the blood is distributed throughout the body and affects many systems and organs. Sometimes its use can cause serious health effects.

The most popular and most commonly used over-the-counter drugs are paracetamol, metamizol and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Patients often ask me which one is better. However, it is difficult to predict in advance which product will be suitable for a given patient. When choosing a drug, you should definitely assess the potential benefits of treatment in relation to the risk of side effects. The age of the patient, other illnesses and medications are also very important. Therefore, if our pain is not transient and the drug is not used temporarily, but we reach for it often, we should always consult a doctor who will choose the best means for us.

The mechanism of pain formation and the mechanism of analgesic action of the drug is important when choosing the drug. If a given drug is ineffective or badly tolerated in our case, it should be changed to another preparation within the same group.

Apart from the possibility of choosing the medicine that is inappropriate for a given type of pain, it has not been fully understood yet, why some formulations work better in some of them, and in others they do not work at all. Therefore, it is not always possible to answer the frequent question of patients: why is not acetylsalicylic acid acting on me, and ibuprofen helps me. This is probably related to the complex mechanism of action of this group of drugs. The group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is itself wide and heterogeneous in its mechanism of action.

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